Introducing... The Brand Review

Brand Review - Showcasing the best in Branding, Copy, Design.

The Goodfellow Brand Review - Showcasing quality branding, copy and design.

Blogging and copywriting go hand in hand and it is one of the main services I offer to clients. Blogs are supremely useful for two main reasons!

  1. They provide useful, engaging content to your audience and hopefully develop effective leads.

  2. They enhance your website’s SEO, helping it to climb the search engine rankings and make you more visible to potential customers.

As it’s central to my job, you might think I would have a well-oiled production line of ready-made content but in truth it’s not that easy, nor appealing.

This is partly because as a copywriter there’s a certain pressure to write content about copywriting and various other aspects of marketing. But in reality this can already be found all over the internet.

Most of it is highly informative and probably covers most questions you might have – see Copyblogger, John Espirian, Caroline Gibson, The Rant and many, many more. One of the best blog posts I’ve read on copywriting/freelancing is this one – 101 Things I’ve Learned Being a Freelance Copywriter – by Gareth Hancock.

Seriously, if you want to know about 5 ways to effectively boost your SEO, write killer copy or be super productive, Google it. You won’t be disappointed.

However, I still need an active blog. There’s no getting away from that, and I am keen to regularly exercise my writing muscles. So, in an effort to avoid repeating marketing tropes and well-worn advice, I decided to do something slightly different.

Enter the Goodfellow Brand Review.

I say slightly different because it’s almost certainly being done elsewhere but it does allow me to put my own original spin on a topic. I’ll offer opinions and thoughts which have an informative edge but are also, hopefully, entertaining enough that you actually want to take 2-3 minutes out of your busy schedule to read it.

So, what is it? The Brand Review will look at brands which I admire, who have effectively used copy and design to define their product/s and market them to a chosen audience.

This series has multiple benefits; it informs the copywriter/creative/marketeer about design and copy which in my opinion is highly effective and therefore worth paying attention to; it informs a wider audience about cool branding that might be of interest and it also highlights a brand’s products that you might want to try!

Everybody wins.

Sometimes I’ll focus on a combination of design and copy and sometimes it will be a dedicated Copy Review. This will be about written words that have succeeded in averting my eyes, stopping me in my tracks and maybe even encouraging me to make a purchase.

I don’t claim to be a design, branding or even a copy expert necessarily but I’d like to think I know quite a lot about the latter and have a natural eye and appreciation for the former. I look forward to getting stuck in.

First up will be… Hull based, science loving brewers, Atom Beers!