I'm not that small, it's just a very big chair.

I'm not that small, it's just a very big chair.


I work at C4DI, Hull. Find me here.


This is me.

Here’s a bit more about who you’ll be working with:

I’ve been writing my whole life. Even before my handwriting was legible I was creating narratives and building worlds with the toys at my disposal.

For a long time I wanted to go into journalism and I’ve done a fair bit of writing for a number of publications. I’ll be honest though, I fell out of love with the idea a little bit.

I wanted a flexible, well paid career with a wide variety of truly creative projects. Initially at least, this wasn’t available in journalism.

Copywriting however (on a freelance basis) appeared to be a more viable route towards this goal.

After graduating from university with an English Literature degree I set about crafting my copywriting service and thus, Goodfellow Content was born.

I want to help great businesses and organisations thrive by using words. I’m called Goodfellow Content because:

The content I create is Good. I’m a Good guy to work with. Oh, and it’s my name, obviously.

Here are some of my #Faves

Book: The Road, Cormac McCarthy

Album: Brothers, The Black Keys

TV: Game of Thrones

Film: Interstellar

But, enough about me. I want to hear all about your organisation and the work you need doing!

Fill in the contact form on the front page or if you prefer you can contact me with this phone number or email:

m: 07905115809

e: hello@timgoodfellow.co.uk

I will get back to you ASAP.