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Product/eCommerce Copy

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I wrote the descriptions for vast swathes of the products on the Always Personal website as well as the copy for the individual categories. These are some examples:

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Personalised Books

At Always Personal we have novels, information books, colouring books and more. The one thing they all have in common is that they can be personalised by you.

Maybe you want to put yourself in the world of your favourite story? With our great gift versions of classic stories you can enact your own Shakespearean tragedy or travel to Wonderland or the land of Oz by personalising the book and literally putting your own or someone else’s name into the book.

All our books are great gifts for book worms, writers, scribblers and novelty gift-lovers alike!


Superdad! Matte Coloured Mug

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Superdad!

This great mug comes in a vibrant matte blue colour and has an awesome classic comic book design that can be personalised by you. This really is a treat.

Personalise the mug with a message of up to 65 characters. The words ‘Super Dad’ come as standard.

11oz mug.


Personalised Traditional Christmas Eve Box

Bring a little extra sparkle and joy to Christmas Eve this year with a Christmas Eve Box filled to the brim with treats.

It’s Christmas Eve and the Christmas buzz is everywhere. No doubt the kids will be asking ‘can I open just one present?’ Give them a small taste of what is to come with this delightful Traditional Christmas Eve boxes that have a stunning design and can be filled with gifts of your choice.

This Christmas Eve box is perfect for a little girl or boy, comes in 2 colour combinations and sizes and can be kept for years to come. But it doesn’t just have to be for kids, adults can join in too.

For the kids it could be filled with a DVD, chocolate, colouring book and other small gifts or for adults, some socks, wine or beer or some decorations.

The words ‘Christmas Eve Box’ come as standard text. Please be sure to add the name exactly as you would like it printed.

Due to the wood being a natural product, the print colour can differ slightly from box to box.

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Christmas Gifts

It’s Chriiiistmas! (probably).

No matter what time of the year it is, there are those of us who can get excited about Christmas. If you are doing your Christmas preparation and buying presents then we’re here to help.

Our wide range of personalised products make perfect gifts or help to make the home look extra special. Maybe you want stockings, candles or baubles? If so we have tons and they can all be made unique to you and your household. We also have loads of gifts for Him and for Her and for people of all ages.

These products are some of our most popular and it’s easy to see why. Have a personalised Christmas.