How i Work.

So you have a website that needs some top quality content?

Maybe you like the sound of a specialised blog post sent directly to the news feeds of your audience?

Before we get started you might want to know how I work and how your bespoke copy is going to arrive in your inbox. 

The infographic below explains this in more depth:

This infographic explains my freelance digital marketing and copywriting process. By hiring a freelancer you will get the job done to your satisfaction.

Hope that helps!

Of course if you are hiring me for Social Media Management then the above process will be slightly different as it will be a recurring job with smaller more regular posts, but many of the same principles apply. 

If there is any other info you or others might like to know, I am always open to feedback so do let me know.


How much is it going to cost?

Good copywriting is exceptionally valuable to your business so it is priced as such but there’s also no need for it to be extortionate. I want to help your business succeed and therefore want to be as accessible as possible.

Each quote will be slightly different depending on the specifics of the job but to give you an idea of the sort of things I charge, I’ve put a few examples below.

If you are an agency or you want me to come and work in the office for the duration of a job, get in touch and we can talk about my hourly rate.


Between 500-800 words - £70

I would recommend hiring me to write these on a regular basis. In this case I would charge a package fee per month. (e.g. 4 blogs /month = £280)


Web Copy

For a page of roughly 150-400 words - £70

This of course includes the expectation of a certain amount of research and the greater value a quality web page has to your business.


Product Descriptions

Small product description - £15

Bulk product description writing would be charged by my hourly rate.

I provide a number of other services so get in touch and I’ll send you a full price card which covers everything I can do and I’ll send over any extra information you require.