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Renegade recruiters Box of Jobs got me to write a sales letter that they could pass on to potential customers which outlined their vision of being an alternative option for companies wanting to find the right employees.

The MD Jimmy liked it so much he shared it as a LinkedIn article which got quality engagement.

Check it out here:

Or read below…

Are the ‘right’ people always the RIGHT people?

At Box of Jobs we’re committed to getting you the RIGHT people for your company. The traditional recruitment industry often falls short when delivering employees that fit your business culture and make a long-term impact.

They also fail candidates who have all the necessary skills but few of the ‘right’ job titles and letters next to their name.

Turns out, CV’s aren’t great at showing how effective an employee will actually be. With our hands-on process we find the people you REALLY want.

Hey, we’re not tyrants – you can get their CV if you want – but we are revolutionaries. Our game changing methods find the right people for our partners, 3x more often than the recruitment industry average. 

We want to do things differently because we’ve been there ourselves.  

Our previous business grew fast and we had to hire a lot of employees in a short space of time. Going down the traditional agency route didn’t get us the results we wanted and we decided there must be a better way. Guess what, there is.

Don’t become a part of the statistic – SME’s waste £840 billion every year by hiring the wrong people. Instead, partner with us. We’ll get you the team you need to help your business thrive.

If this is music to your ears then we would love to have a chat. Get in touch!